Friday, November 18

Hair Advice: Hair Extensions





 yep. these extensions are awesome. they are called celebrity extensions and are under the category of tape. i could rave on and on about how awesome they are but... i'll do that to my clients.

Let me say one last thing. this is my hair minutes after i put them in, while still in the salon, and they are obviously posed pictures, ANYONE could make the crappiest and cheapest extensions look good when they make sure every hair is combed perfectly in place before they take the picture, and a professional stylist is taking the pictures. well.... this is where the perks come in. i've realized that most don't have access to "everyday pictures" before deciding what extensions to get, or if they are really worth the staggering price. so... take a look at these...

these pictures are taken about 2 months after putting the extensions in, at my cousins wedding and at a photo shoot for some photography class friends. these pictures are not taken by stylists, i don't have access to mirrors to make sure every hair is in place, and.... they are weeks and weeks after putting them in. (at their most visible state) plus, the ones at the wedding are while i'm moving around a lot on the dance floor and my hair had not been posed. obviously. but still, you see no obvious cues that i have extensions and never during my entire time of having extensions did anyone ask if i had extensions. (well besides my mom, and best friends. but they noticed because of the obvious length change)
side (while dancing with my dad... stef's jealous)
front (don't make fun of the face i was dancing alright)
here is it curly/wavy. this is how these extensions come, naturally wavy.
without the hat at the photo shoot

now, i LOVE these extensions and all of my clients who have them love them as well, we use them for so many reasons from doing a full head of extensions like the images above, or, just adding a few on the sides so that their sides don't look so damaged/thin. covering up bald spots of aleopecia, or just for thickness. So many different uses, and all at different costs. let me know if your interested! it takes at least two weeks to get the hair shipped to me from Florida but i'm excited!! and hopefully you are too. :)


  1. About how much do extensions tend to run?

    1. it vary's depending on what your wanting but usually these types of extentions run at about 500 dollars for the first appointment and 50 dollars every 2 months to get them moved up until the hair wears out (at about a year) and then you would need to get another bag of hair and that would cost another 500 dollars and the cycle starts all over again.