Wednesday, November 2

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

After carving our pumpkins this year we decided tonight to turn the insides into roasted pumpkin seeds. we took way tooooo many pictures and had way too much fun documenting this, so, enjoy the process, literally step. by. step.

first thing you do is carve your pumpkins as mentioned in this post. then you separate the seeds from the gunk and stringy stuff. we did that earlier with two of our best friends Kevin and Jyrl and so, this is a bag that we stored the seeds in from all four of our pumpkins. and turn on the oven so it can pre-heat to 400 degrees
rinse your seeds, unless you really really like the pumpkin flavor
in a saucepan put in about 2 cups of water and 1/2 tbs salt for every 1/2 cup of seeds you have. (or more salt if you like them extra salty like us)
bring to a boil and add your rinsed seeds. simmer for 10 minutes.
drain, do not rinse
prepare pan by pouring about 1 tbs olive oil (we did two pans since we had 4 pumpkins worth of seeds)
dump seeds onto pan(s)
place in oven on top rack and bake for 20 minutes rotating them with a metal spatula at halfway (10 minutes)
remove from oven and let chill before you eat -unless you can handle the heat-
place them on your super cute $1.50 cake stand made from This Post and enjoy! eat by cracking them like a sunflower seed -like me-, or eat the whole thing -like garrison- both are completely acceptable. if you would like to try other seasonings, first of all, google it, cause there are millions of different spice combinations from sweet and savory to spicy and salty.
be prepared to buy pumpkins just for the seeds next time, or possibly tomorrow, because they will go that fast! enjoy! and... 
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