Tuesday, November 1

Starting November off on the wrong side of the bed.

last night, halloween, everything was fun, and just the right amount of "spooky" then midnight strikes and just like in cinderella, all heck breaks loose.

after rushing to the movies to avoid trick-or-treaters since i am a horrible -almost- mother and didn't buy candy, we came home, got ready for bed and were in bed, almost asleep by midnight, just like proper newlyweds should be. well, around 12:30 we get awoken to the sound of our neighbor's door being pounded on and kicked on by someone trying to break in, and yelling some very angry, and although it was in spanish, i'm pretty sure they were not nice words. from our basement bedroom window we have a very clear view of their entrance to the apartment. after about 3 minutes of this, (which seemed like a lifetime) and trying to imagine what in the world he could be yelling/growling. i imagined such things as.... 1. drunk/high/stupid halloween-ist that decided he got his treats, and now time for tricks and my house was next... 2. homeless man needing somewhere to stay but going about it in all the wrong ways.
3. murderer 4. he must be the lady that lives there's boyfriend and he caught her cheating on him. 5. insert pretty much any scary thought here. whatever it was, it was nooooo fun to listen to. ALL of my senses were on full alert, and there was no way i was going back to sleep anytime soon.

our houses are very close together, and only our driveway separates us, so i heard every pounding and kick, and step on our gravel driveway, and word, and curse, etc. garrison and i are trying to figure out what in the world is going on by creepily staring out our blinds, and then we heard the woman inside crying. wailing is a better word. so... that was enough. someone was in fact home, and it was a woman, and she was scared. so... onto the phone garrison went calling 911. he went into the living room to talk because we figure, if we can hear him this clear, then he must be able to hear us. the dispatcher was calm, and got the information out of garrison. all the time, i feel even more vulnerable because now im alone in the bed, in the room, in my thoughts, and... all i can do is listen to this spanish and try to remember as much of my spanish 101 class to hear if he's a real threat or just super high. well, luckily, someone else heard all of the ruckus as well and stepped out and said, "keep it down out there!" he did stop for a minute, and then the cops were there. two of them, who had him sit on the stairs as they worked things out with the woman. WHO TURNED OUT TO BE HIS MOTHER!!! he was just a teenager. who knows what was wrong or why he was so angry, but he was yelling like that to his mom. that just made me so sad. i really, really, never want to have to deal with a situation like that personally. as a bystander it was hard enough. but if those words were directed towards me in that tone and creppy voice that makes my skin crawl and makes me picture someone truly from a scary movie saying them, i would probably just drop dead out of fear within the first two minutes. luckily, his mom was only crying.

when we finally got to bed after the cops had left and our nerves had settled (around 2:00) the only things we could say were:

one: this is why we pay taxes, and two: we need to move.

p.s. we plan on moving into our new house/rental by january 1st. it's down in garrison's home stake on geneva road. YAY!

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