Saturday, December 10

Baby Diary: favorites

this baby is letting us know what it likes right from the start. demanding things without even being able to cry! there are some things that just get our little kickers up and moving, dancing and flip-flopping. and other things that just make it grab the umbilical cord and hang on for dear life (sometimes squeezing an intestine or two just to let mom know that "that. was. not. cool.") so, without further delay, i've interviewed the little thing for your sheer enjoyment and also to track and see how it's favorite things change throught it's life. :)

baby's first interview: favorites.
kickers favorite food: fruit
kickers favorite drink: hot chocolate
kickers favorite time of day: "mornings" around 10:00
kickers least favorite time of day: nighttime after 8
kickers favorite voice: daddy's
kickers favorite noise: blow dryers, something i hear a lot.
kickers least favorite noise: mom sneezing
kickers favorite song: basshunter, turned up a little too loud.
kickers favorite sports team: byu basketball. I cheered more than dad!
kickers favorite organ to play with: moms intestines
kickers favorite sleeping position: head off to the right, feet off to the left, bum up in the air.
kickers favorite activity: watching hulu with mom.
kickers favorite thing in the entire world: when dad talks to and plays with me before he leaves for work.


  1. Val! This is super cute! You are the greatest mom ever!

  2. This reminds me of the posters we used to make every year to hang in your room of your "favorites"