Thursday, December 1

Baby Diary: let the GENDER guessing begin!

as many of you know, our baby's gender has been hidden in it's little envelope just waiting for us to open it and see! we have had it for over a week now and im surprised by how little i've been tempted to peek early. i think because i know that it's my choice, i can open it whenever i want, that i've been ok waiting. Garrison and i still haven't figured out when to open it, we've played around with lots of different ideas like doing a gender balloon release like This at a baby shower or, giving the gender to ourselves as a christmas present and have it opened up on christmas morning, or, just giving in and doing it right here, right now.

either way, we want to know what you guess it's going to be!

a boy whose full of energy and grows up fishing and playing with his dad and grandpa's in the garage, but still looks so stinking cute in a little button down cardigan and -if i have it my way- will most likely support shaggy wavy hair.
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a girl, who gets all dolled up like mom wearing scarves, headbands, and boots. she'll probably turn our to be a hairdresser too from all the fixing we're going to do with her hair. my guilty pleasure, a little girl who i get to dress up just like barbies, but in real life! pretending she's a princess and us willingly treating her like one.

what do you think???

post a comment below and let us know!

either way, we will be so excited and will give all the love we have to this little one. it's crazy to think that this is all actually happening!


  1. ok... i think i always wanted it to be a girl because your my sister, and i know how much fun we had together! but... a boy would be so fun for our nephew ryan...and it would be a nice change from all the estrogen in our family! im going with BOY! (but if it was a girl i would be ecstatic also!)

  2. Either one will be adorable :). But . . . I think it would be fun to have a little mini Garrison to watch out for your other kids! But either way I'm soo excited! I already have a gift for the little one that I need to drop by sometime!

  3. my guess...a GIRL! you would have so much fun with a little girl and dressing her up.

  4. A sweet, energetic, camping boy!

  5. I should actually guess since I have a 50% chance to get it right but instead I'll admit I am hoping for a little boy, nothing against girls but since my last grandchild is a boy and this baby will be a year younger I am hoping for a play mate for little Ryan since he already has four sisters and no brothers.

    But if it is a girl, no worries I will love her just as much!

  6. i figure i should keep track of the people that have already told me their guesses but don't read my blog here.
    my Dad: Girl (to be a rebel)
    My boss: boy, because i wasn't sick
    Garrison's parents: boy
    Debbie thought it was a boy in the beginning but, i don't know if that is still the case.
    4 of garrison's FB friends (braun, jennifer, kiersten and dallin) vote boy