Saturday, December 3

Musical themed morning

Annie go get your gun it done!

the basics of the plot for annie go get your gun is two really sharp shooters in the wild west, fall in love with each other but because of her self doubt and his pride don't admit it and get married until the very end of the play after she becomes a little more womanly and confident, and he humbles himself. the end.  

unlike annie i don't need to go get my gun and shoot some amazing shots to impress the man of my dreams, and, unlike annie i am already married to him but i do need to just hunker down and get stuff done, that will impress my man, and... will just plain ol' make our lives and home nicer. 

today, i'm getting it done! i have a list of things to do up to my eyeballs! they include:
-putting last weeks clean laundry away and out of the baskets that are blocking our doorway.
-starting this weeks dirty laundry.
-doing the dishes. by hand. in my sink. (probably my most hated chore, i can't wait till i get my dishwasher)
- wrap christmas presents and put them under the tree so garr feels loved too. (currently only presents for me are under it)
-prep my singing voice and rehearse for our song at Jacie's baptism today with stefani
-attend jacie's baptism
-sweep and mop the kitchen floor
-sew our christmas stockings
-make the bed (in order to do this i have to actually get out of it i guess. sad day.)
-call my clients whose phone calls i missed while at the temple last night
-check my email
-shower and get ready for the day

it's currently noon, we are leaving for jacie's baptism is at 3:00. i have 3 hours. WISH ME LUCK!

p.s. this post was written while i had the song "anything you can do i can do better" from the musical stuck in my head. hopefully this encourages me to work quicker and "better"

p.s.s. im adding this comment at midnight tonight. i didn't get it all done. but i did have that darn song stuck in my head all day. i almost finished it, i just didn't have time for the christmas stuff (wrapping presents and sewing stockings) and those dishes somehow didn't get done either. weird. :)

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