Monday, January 9


being sick while pregnant is not so fun. i already know that our little kicker doesn't like the sound of me sneezing. {you really should hear it, it's pretty amazing. i hold absolutely nothing back, it's kinda a trademark yell of mine. it's the best at church} well, i've caught some sort of bug that causes me to sneeze all the time. luckily this -we shall call it a cold in hopes that it's nothing worse- this cold of mine is staying pretty bearable right now. just the sneezing, insomnia, runny nose, sore throat, and a few coughs every now and then but not the coughs that sound like your lung wants to leave your body. i'm really hoping the aches and pains and fever will remain MIA for the duration. it's crazy how fast a sickness can sneak up on you when your immune system is basically 0.

i hope your Monday is spent doing something fun rather than drinking orange juice and stealing >another< box of mom's Kleenex. :)

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