Monday, March 19

Baby Shower #3

"oh baby" is right!

Chelsey, Me, and Katie

a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped put together my third baby shower! it turned out so great and i cannot believe how much fun it was to see all of my friends one last time before i turn into a momma! i didn't take any pictures, but... luckily katie did! i stole these pictures from her blog. she has also done a beautiful post with even more pictures from the shower, if you would like to see those click here. i sure love these girls and cannot express how grateful i am for them being a part of my life. :)

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  1. Valeri, you actually look pregnant in the top picture, (not so much in the bottom picture haha) So the showers are over, guess the next thing to do is have this baby. Can you tell I am a little anxious to hold this new baby girl? :)