Friday, March 16

The "Grandma Hutch"



notice in the before picture the mirrored wall and glass shelves and sliding glass doors. notice the wood paneling and spindled shelves. the awkward square shelf and the moldings. yeah, it was for sure an eye sore and the number one thing that dated the house and truly made it look as old as it is. well, because taking the entire wall out wasn't an option.-believe me, i tried to find a way- instead it just got a major face lift.
 it looked so dark and gloomy over there and with us choosing to paint the room a darker color we knew it would need to be painted lighter in order to brighten up the room. the dark walls, dark furniture, and dark carpet really needed something to offset them. so it was decided to paint the hallway and grandma hutch white, yellow, and mustard yellow.
one crazy thing that happened while working on this project was that when we took out the mirror we realized that there wasn't a wall behind it -look at the in between pictures and you can kinda see what im talking about- so we had to re-create the wall right there but... while it was open garrison added an outlet into the hutch so that we can put up lit decorations or use our candle melter thing etc. such a stud that man is. i didn't even know you could create new outlets!
the decorations add a lot of personality to the room and really stand out as the biggest "feature" of the house in my mind. it's crazy how many decorations you can squeeze into all those shelves. we keep our extra books and games in the cabinet and i plan on changing the decorations with the seasons/holidays. (can't you just picture it all decorated for Christmas or Bayli's first birthday.) it really was the biggest eye sore before but now it might be my favorite part of the house.

Some in-between pictures:
you've gotta love them spindles. :)


  1. That look sooo good. love how the back is so cute and different from the white!