Friday, March 16

The Bathroom



The bathroom actually didn't take much work. we knew we wanted to darken the room up a bit because everything was so... hospital white. also, the vanity mirror was in such an awkward place that i couldn't even see myself in the mirror. yeah. a bathroom without a working mirror is NOT a bathroom. the vanity was so faded and discolored that we knew we wanted to stain that as well so. paint, new -old- mirror, stain, and a few different pieces of hardware later and the bathroom was all finished. we still want to put a clock up in this room so that we don't have to keep checking our phones or the hallway clock to see how many more minutes of "getting ready" time we have in the mornings but, we just haven't found the perfect one yet so... that will come later. we have also played around with painting the unfinished shelves, using totes, or adding a cabinet door or something but for now the toilet paper and linens will just be displayed for the entire world to see.

Some in-between pictures:

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