Friday, March 16

The Living Room



So, some obvious things we did were paint, fixed some electrical problems, took off those shelves -they are now painted and being used in the nursery- cleaned everything, replaced missing moldings around the window and moved in furniture! we decided to do a darker color of paint because the crown molding was beautiful in the room but you couldn't see it because all the walls were basically the same color we also removed the spindles and painted the grandma hutch on the wall you can't see. if you would like to read more about that, click here.
garrison also did an epic job with the electronics. we use our computer monitor as a tv and there is surround sound that we just love to use for movies and to have continuous music playing while we are home working. all of the cords are hidden or tucked away so that the baby can't pull or get hurt from them.
we still have just a few more things to do in order to make this room completely finished but for now, it's one of our favorite rooms to hang out and talk in and it really is a good room to come home to every day. :)

Some in-between pictures:

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