Tuesday, April 24

One Month

for Bayli's one month birthday she was given the best present ever by our good friends Reed and Callie Doxey: a best friend.

Eden Brynn Doxey

she is such a beauty and being so close in age it will be so fun to watch them grow up together. we already even have twinner outfits for them! (not purposefully) it was crazy to have the two of them next to each other because they are basically the exact same size even though they are a month apart.

for me it was so fun to be in a hospital again and not be tethered to the bed via IV and to be able to walk around the hallways holding my little girl without being monitored. it was also fun to hold someone who weighs and feels like bayli but looking down, doesnt look like her. i think this is the first time shes ever been in a room and not been the smallest baby there.

happy birthday Eden, i hope you and Bayli will grow up to be the best of friends, we love your parents dearly and already have so much love for you as well. welcome home little one, im so glad to finally meet you.

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  1. So CUTE!!! Thanks for this post! I love it!! It will be so fun when they can have little play dates. Such cute little girls :)