Tuesday, May 1


Today was my first day back to work. I only cried a little bit on my way to my parents to drop her off. But who wouldn't after looking at that face? I swear she was saying... "k Fine mom, go ahead and leave me." Turns out she was just sleepy and not actually extremly disappointed in me. So... I went to work and had so much fun with my coworkers and clients, its good to be back.

Dear clients:
Thanks for being an awesome distraction as I try to keep my thoughts more on your hair and less on my little girl. Your the best.
Love, me.
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  1. Ok- don't know how much of a distraction I will be since I'll be asking about a million questions about lil' miss! Sorry you have to return to the land of hair- but my crazy mop head is SO glad to have you back!