Wednesday, May 9

Hair Skin & Nails: my favorite products

as a hairdresser, i regret to inform you that i haven't done a blog post yet about my favorite products. i recommend this stuff to my clients daily, but, i haven't taken the time to compile it and write it all down to recommend to you... until now. enjoy!

BC Q10 shampoo and conditioner
batiste dry shampoo
osis freeze firm hold hairspray
osis dust it root lifter

when styling your hair straight, i don't recommend buying "straightening products" they are usually heavy, oily, and use harsh chemicals if they actually work. instead of buying these products, i would suggest getting a good straightener like the Chi i use, and loading your hair up with light, conditioning products instead, like a detangler, oil or serum, and leave in conditioner. that way you are still getting the results you want without the damage. another tip, if you are going to be styling your hair straight with a straight iron, try to let your hair air dry. that way your only using one heat tool and will be doing less damage to your hair.
BC Q10  satin spray detangler
biosilk serum

i have naturally wavy hair and so, i just have to use a few curling products like these in order to achieve the "beachy wave" look. but, if you have naturally straight hair, getting curly hair will probably need a few products with a stronger hold. and honestly, i'm not the best person to ask. if i hear of anything amazing though, i'll let you know!
osis soft loop
pureology conditioning mousse
osis twin curl
caress body wash
neutrogena oil free make up remover
jergens self tanner

opi bubble bath
if your thinking about getting a full acrylic set my favorite nail shop in orem is kim nails in north orem by costa vida. they do the best job at getting the nails thin enough for me while still looking awesome!


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