Saturday, June 30


so, i sincerely can't decide what i should do. if you haven't noticed already... my blog header still says "baby due: april 12th" guess what... my baby is now born and it wasn't on april 12th. well, i've finally gotten around to getting on photoshop and fixing things. only one problem: because i did the original on a different computer -that i have now sold- i don't have and can't remember what fonts i used to create the first one, so i started from scratch and now here's what i've come up with.

option 1

option 2

what header do you prefer better?
 and do you have any suggestions to make it even better?


  1. I prefer option 2, it seems more inviting. But I think the font you used before might have been Lucida Calligraphy if you did want to use that one again. :=)