Monday, July 30

Buckin' Bulls

there are a few cool things about Preston, Idaho. my dad was born and raised there. the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed there. and "The Famous Preston Night Rodeo".

We were able to go to the rodeo last weekend on our trip to Idaho. It was so much fun. my mom won a jacket, i cried because i was laughing so hard at the mutton bustin kids (that's where kids 6 and younger ride sheep and get scores and trophies like the big cowboys) the clown did a few tricks and told a few jokes to keep us entertained -what do you call a cow that's eaten a field of marijuana? a pot roast. what do you call a cow that has just given birth? decaffeinated. what do you call a cow that won't give milk? a milk dud.- and of course... watching all of the other events. like barrel racing, roping, bare back, bull and more.

seriously, if you haven't been to a rodeo... you should.

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