Tuesday, July 31

that one time we got candy thrown at us

this parade was by far the most disappointing of all the years i've been to preston to see the parade and somehow i still managed to get a billion pictures to post (it's probably because garrison took most of them... such a good photographer i'm training him to be. so proud) but seriously, it's always so much fun. not because the floats are awesome or because there is such a plethora of candies -we all know it's basically a rule to only throw bit-o-honey and salt water taffy at parades- but mostly because of the good company (my family is huge!) and watching the little kids get so excited about the one time in their life they are allowed and encouraged to play in the streets, take candy from strangers, eat candy out of the gutter, and go towards a cop car with it's lights on, not away from it. fun fun.

if you don't believe me about the huge family sentence... these pictures are for you non-believers out there. (and this isn't even half of us!)

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