Wednesday, July 11

Curling Hair Without Heat

I pride myself in being able to wear sometimes silly or crazy things with confidence. whether that's an outfit, makeup, a costume when it's not halloween, or a unique hairstyle. this for example happens to be the later: a unique hairstyle. before garrison and i started dating, there was this one day where i pinned my own hair in a braid around my head like a hippie. i remember seeing garrison that day and talking with him and being impressed that he could handle my crazy and talk with me without starring at the hair mass on my forehead. i'm pretty sure that was the day i knew we would work well if we got married. :)

anyway.... like i was saying the cool thing about this hairstyle is that it curls your hair without heat! (as a hairdresser i've taught this hairstyle to lots of clients who want to grow their hair out. cause using lots of heat = hair not growing) it also is kinda old, antique looking while it's drying and... if you decide to sleep on it, it's actually comfortable! some people call it the victorian twist, some the friar tuck, i don't know what i would call it but... it's similar to those with a few of my own adjustments.

Here's what you do: wash your hair, towel dry, then let it air dry for a minute or two. part and comb your hair straight down. put a headband on top of your hair, around your forehead.(make sure you still have a little poof on the top of your head so that you have some volume when it dries.) pick a side of your head to start on. grab a section of hair from that side (the smaller the section, the smaller the curls, the bigger the section the bigger the curls) and wrap it around the headband away from your face (in the pictures below i started on my right side, the thinner side) then, with the same concept as a french braid, you just keep wrapping and add a new section of hair each time you wrap. you do this around the entire head. once you get to the other side of your face and you have no more hair to add you just wrap the left over hair around and around across your forehead. (this is the trickiest part, because you don't want these curls to be lots tighter than the rest, so make sure you don't do the wraps too tight.) here's some pictures to help. sorry about the flash!!

let it air dry completely, and take the headband off.

comb through the curls with your fingers and hairspray. not everytime will turn out perfect. but usually there are only a few curls that went crazy so, it is alot easier to only have to curl one section of hair with a curling iron instead of the entire head. (i didn't have to curl any in the pictures below) that's it!

tips: I have wavy hair, so mine curls and holds a curl easily. but, if you have hair that won't hold a curl make sure you let it dry completely before you take the headband off. i'd blow dry your head with the headband on for just a few minutes just to make sure it was totally dry before you take it off, also, you can add a little gel/product to your hair before you wrap it when your hair is wet to help the curl stay longer but... these curls usually work on any hair type.

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