Thursday, July 12

The many faces of Bayli

My Dearest Bayli,
     I hope when you are older you will be able to look back on this blog and read about your own life, what it was like, and all the hard work your father and i did to make it a good life for you. i also hope you (and those that love you) will be able to see how much you've grown and your personality as it develops. In order for me to have those things come to pass, i need to document them for you. I plan and try to do that by taking pictures of you so that we can see how much you've grown. -can you believe that you were under 5 pounds once??- i hope that your ever growing and developing personality will be portrayed through those pictures, but, in case they don't here is what you are like at only 14 weeks old.
       Everyone that has the chance to see you or hold you is so amazed by how good of a baby you are. i think the most commonly used word to describe you is "precious." you are so content and like to look and study things. if you are ever getting fussy the best thing we can do is take you outside because you love to look at the sky and other things in nature. it's interesting to watch you as you study things because you are so intent and focused. it's like your trying your very hardest to learn all you can. i think you are going to be a very smart girl one day. you are also very strong. for being so little in the beginning of your life you have always had lots of strength. more than people expect. we even called you our "little kickers" while you were in moms tummy because your kicks were so strong that people could see them! and even now, you have always had lots of control in holding your head up and those legs that were once so skinny and now are oh so chubby really can hurt when you want them to. you already love to stand -with a little support- and you haven't even rolled over yet!
       You love to make as many faces as possible. we call your tongue your best friend because you and that tongue are always playing together. ever since your first day of life, you two have been hanging out like you don't need anyone else to entertain yourselves. the other toys you like are your keys and your squeaky Sofie the giraffe, but nothing compares to the fun you have with your silly tongue. you love to have blankets around you all the time, even when it's hot. and although you took a long time to smile, because you made so many different faces it wasn't that bad. we somehow always knew what you wanted and tried to guess what you were thinking. i remember the first time you smiled. you were looking right at me on mothers day and you just pulled this huge gummy grin. if you had teeth, i would have been able to see all of them! ever since that day you are the happiest baby and smile at anyone who will give you attention. sometimes i walk in to your bedroom and see you in your crib smiling at the ceiling for no apparent reason. in moments like that i would give everything i own just to know what you are thinking and smiling about.
        you love singing. you love it when daddy sings silly songs, you love it when mommy sings soft songs, you love it when everyone sings hymns at church, you love it when the radio is on, and you especially love the movie tangled because of all the singing.
      The few times in the day that you are sad and cry it's crazy because your cry almost resembles a laugh and it's really quiet compared to other babies your age. your dad laughed when you got your first shots at the doctors office because you just whimpered and got red in the face. we were expecting a big yell but nope, a sad silent cry, whimpers and some large tear drops. that's all you gave us.
       Baxter the dog is so protective of you, he beats me into your bedroom to check on you when you wake up and start to cry. he sleeps next to you when you are taking naps on our big bed, and he sleeps in your room sometimes when you're in the there. we are really sad that he's so old because you might not remember him but, he loves you. ever since the very first day we brought you home from the hospital he has been so gentle with you and let you play with him and ride on his back and i'm sure he's just going to love you even more when you start to get older and eat more food besides milk because i have a feeling you and him will share. :)
     you love the water. we tried to take you to the pool when you were only a month old but they didn't make swim diapers that were small enough so.. we couldn't. but... we give you baths and take you in the shower and you absolutely love it. you're starting to realize that you can make splashes with your hands and feet when you take baths, and you try to drink the water. in showers you don't mind getting water on your face -unlike mommy- and sometimes we just hold your face directly under the stream of water and you just sit there and smile. we are hoping that this means you won't cry like other babies when you get splashed in the pool. and we will be taking you to the pool as early in your life as we can.
      lastly, you are very gentle. you don't really make jerky movements and you enjoy quiet speech. you like it when mommy whispers in your ear and sometimes when mommy gets excited and talks really loud and fast you cry. but, you can sleep through any movie or when we all play games and laugh really loud... i don't get it.
     i sure love you little bays. you are my pride and joy. i cannot imagine life being any happier than it is right now. thank you for being such a good little baby and making it so easy for us to love and enjoy your company. you have changed me for the better and for that i will always love you and be proud to call myself your mother.
p.s. some of your nicknames include. Bales, Bays, Baby Bay, Bayli Bump, Bumpers, Honey B, bay bay grey, munshkin, midget, miss grey, and mini (i just thought you would like that)

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  1. This is great! I have commented many times on her many different expressions and now you have them captured in these pictures! She is precious, yes totally precious with an attitude!