Thursday, July 5

The Dishwasher Theory

my kitchen is a mess. a mess i tell you.
my fridge is also empty. really empty.
(or at least it was yesterday)
so. i went to the store. and because it was the fourth of july i really didn't want to spend my holiday indoors with other shoppers. so, it was determined on the drive to the store that we were going to be super fast and in order to do that, i was going to get all the non-food items and garr was going to get the food we need for the week. well. i told him a few necessities i needed and let the man free. i on the other hand had only a few items to get that were strategically placed as far away from each other as possible. and as i searched and searched for q-tips my anxiety grew that i would miss out on the days activities. so. i hurried and found them no thanks to any wal-mart employees {has anyone else noticed that there are absolutely no workers in that store except the ones behind a register}also{the q-tips were by the tampons and pads. how silly is that?? not by the makeup or by the cotton balls. by the pads. weird} anyway.....
we finally checked out and got in the car with time left in the day to celebrate. yay
-not the end of the story-
as we were putting away our groceries, garrison looks on our dirty counter with a sink full of dishes and says... "uh oh. we forgot the dishwasher fluid."
this is where i basically feel like my life has ended.
why you ask? because for the past week i have been living without dishwasher fluid. i instead have a dishwasher crammpacked with dishes, and a sink full of ones to replace the ones in the dishwasher as soon as those are clean. since it was a holiday we of course didn't go back to the store to get dishwasher fluid. but instead ushered our guests to our backyard so they didn't have to see the horror also known as my kitchen. 
p.s. i had dishwasher fluid written down on my grocery list but... i had folded my list in half and guess what item was carefully hidden by the crease?? dishwasher fluid. fml.

this is my theory:
for the first year of our marriage we lived in a place without a dishwasher, i had to wash every dish by hand and dreamed about the day that instead of having pruney hands i would have a dishwasher. i have lived in this apartment for about 5 months. and i never even considered washing those dishes by hand. the dish soap is right next to where the empty spot is from the lacking dishwasher fluid but oh no! the thought never crossed my mind, and even now as i'm writing this and i realize how stupid i am, i still am not really considering washing those puppies myself. naw.. instead i'll just go and buy some today or do like garrison said last night and "ask the neighbor for a cup" -hahahah- the moral of the story. luxuries are addictive. like uber addictive. 

some other luxuries i have become addicted to lately. 

my smart phone: everything i need in one place. genius
the bachelorette on hulu: #teamjef nuff said.
instagram: editing pictures with one click. sign me up.
my bosch mixer: kneading bread is so last century.
and every stupid and silly baby accessory that actually turns out to be helpful.

i'm so thankful for the opportunity i have to be a middle class citizen in the best country on earth. that is the only reason i can have these luxuries. i cannot imagine life without my stupid and silly addictions. i know that the reason i love them so much is because they make tasks faster and more efficient. they give me more time to spend with my family. and my goal is one: to make sure that i don't take advantage of these things and instead realize how lucky i am to have them. and two: to take the time that it saves me and do something productive with it instead of just get hooked on pinterest for hours or play draw something. pardon me, i'm gonna go do my dishes now.

-now it's the end of my story... finally-

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