Monday, August 6

my sewing machine broke.

i am more than disappointed. crushed is a better word. i was right in the middle of sewing a dress that i was planning to wear later that day at a friend's birthday party last weekend. but... bam. the sewing machine broke. (that's what you get when you self teach yourself how to sew and are using super weird materials that get stuck in your sewing machine.) my cute fix-it-upper of a husband tried his hardest to try and make it work again but to no avail. i still have a few refashion projects that i've finished but haven't blogged about yet so i'll be sure to get those done and up on the blog in the meantime but, i'm gonna get back up on the horse as soon as i can find it's warranty under my mess of papers and wait for them to ship me a new one or something. but, for now, i guess i just get to stare at my waiting projects and dream about the day they are finished.

my re-fashion bag of clothes. (i actually have two of these, plus a box. it's bad.)

this is a picture of my newest purchases from joann's. as a teaser i'll just give you a glimpse of what's to come from these beauties. (from top to bottom):
the red material- an Emily Maynard (the 2012 Bachelorette) look-a-like swimsuit cover up. {inspiration}
the rose material- a high-low dress using the white material as lining. {inspiration}this was what i was working on when my machine broke...
the light pink material- another Emily Maynard look-a-like dress {inspiration}
the rust knit material- flowy top with elbow pads {inspiration}
the indian graphic knit- i've been using this material as a blanket lately because it's so comfy. i was planning on making a sweater {inspiration} and leggings {inspiration} out of the material, but, after two naps in that thing... those ideas are slowly fading... we'll have to see.

last but not least. there's this image of my beloved sewing machine. man i really hope i can get the exact same model. also, i still don't know what to do with this yard of material. -pillows for my couches, re-cover my ottoman in the nursery, a skirt, any ideas?- i hope your monday is going great! do some extra sewing projects just for me, k?

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