Wednesday, August 1

Pool Time

usually when we go to Idaho, we spend our weekend cooped up in my grandpa's old house. yes, it has that velvet yellow and brown flower couch that every old person seems to own, and yes it smells a bit musty. it is also filled with tons of memories and more love than you can imagine but... this year we decided to stay in the town just south of Preston Idaho in a hotel. being cool in the july heat and having our own private rooms weren't the coolest part about having a hotel. the coolest thing was definitely the pool.
last time that Bayli was by a pool we decided that she was too young to take her swimming so, instead it was just time spent soaking in the sun. but, this time since she is 4 months old she came right in with us. at first she cried a bit, but we figured out a trick... (any of you with babies, listen to this!) one of us would go into the hot tub, get nice and warm, then hold our little girl as we were in the normal pool. this way, she would be a little warmer because our warm bodies were holding her close and if we did that she didn't mind being in the water. once she started getting fussy again, the other one of us would hop in the hot tub and get warm again and then we'd switch holding her.
i really can't remember the last time i had this much fun at a pool. before i was married i would freak out about making sure i looked just right in case any cute guys walked by. that meant; more time was spent outside the pool than in it, and if my hair or makeup got wet... uh-oh. you can't really have fun with that mindset. and then once i got married it seemed like the few times we went to the pool it rained on us so... having my little girl, my husband, and all my nieces around me, the pool almost completely to ourselves and no worries about getting sun burnt... nothing beats that for this freckled Utahn.


  1. My favorite experience of Idaho is staying cooped up in Grandpa's house.....He is the greatest man around. I am so glad my children and I got to spend so much time with him this last week. The pictures you posted of the wknd are very cute. This is the first time I"ve visited your blog. I heard there were some pictures of my kiddies on here so I had to take a look!

  2. You have some awesome pics! Bayli is beautiful!

  3. That was a very good trick, Valeri! I’m sure Bayli would be a little easy and less anxious on your next pool trip. I think parents should train their kids to swim or get used to the water at a young age. This can be a perfect exercise for them and a great bonding activity for you and the kids!