Friday, September 21

I made that

here are some other projects i've finished lately. sadly, i did not make tutorials for any of them mostly because i didn't know what i was doing for most of them and you wouldn't want pictures of, unpick this, and re-sew that, but if you are really interested in a more in depth tutorial, feel free to say so in the comments and i will try to make one. if any were made from other blogs, i've linked back to them so you can check out their tutorials instead. 

these crib sheets made from this tutorial

this high-low dress was made without a tutorial and without a pattern. i basically used measurements from boxy/flowy tops i already owned to make the top, and maxi skirt measurements to make the bottom, sewed them together with an elastic waistband, cinched the sleeves and cut out the circle to make it high-low. made a lining and sewed them together. this is probably my most complimented article of clothing i own and extremely comfy. the cut out starts just above the knee, and goes all the way past my feet so that i can wear it with heels.

i made this shirt because i borrowed my sisters shirt and loved it. so, i used her shirt as inspiration/pattern and made my own from scraps. also worn here.

these maxi skirts
both made from measuring my waist, measuring the length i wanted, and measuring the width of the bottom that i wanted, then making a diagonal cut from the bottom width, to the top waist measurement, sewing up the side seams and adding a simple waistband (without elastic) similar to the waistband in this post. and cutting the bottom so that it hangs straight. no hem because it is a knit. i wanted them to be highwaisted and tighter than the usual maxi skirt. the grey one shrunk in the wash, so i now wear it on my hips instead of my waist but they are both super comfy and easy to wear with basically anything. 

this shirt from this tutorial

this cropped top was made from an old target dress, the cinching at the waist was made from elastic thread. as a shout out to elastic thread, you use it on the bobbin only and it makes gathering, ruffles, a cinched waistline or even puffy sleeves super easy. so much quicker and easier than the traditional elastic band.

this quilted baby blanket made from my grandma's old comforter.

more tutorials to come. i just recently finished a re-covered grey and white chevron ottoman, and a crib skirt for Bayli's nursery, a baseball tee made from an old shirt, two more maxi skirts (i can't get enough!) a scalloped vintage yellow skirt from my mom and i've refashioned some "grandma pants" into highwaisted white skinny jeans that i plan on dying... purple? i haven't decided yet but anyway, those are to come soon!


  1. These all turned out really cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial you used for the crib sheets--I've been so frustrated with the color/pattern selection they have for boys crib sheets. Now I can just make my own!

    1. i thought the same thing! i'm not a fan of pink for girls and that seemed like all the stores had for crib sheets. that tutorial is seriously soooo easy. you really should make your own.