Thursday, August 30

Re-Vamping Shoes (with glitter)

you know those shoes that you bought a few years ago, you love them. they have finally, over the course of those years, become completely broken in. honestly, they are more like an exact mold of your foot. maybe they stink a little bit, and maybe they are a bit dirty but who cares. they are the most comfortable things ever. meet my shoes:

i knew that it was time to throw them away. but i just kept staring at them next to my garbage can, wondering if i should put them back in the closet or not. 

about this same time i started looking online for some cute glitter shoes. most of the ones that i liked were a similar style to my white shoes that were next to the garbage can. 

1+1=2! i would just modge podge glitter onto my already perfectly worn shoes! 

here's what i did to save my shoes from utter dispair:
-washed the shoes in the washer cause i'm lazy. it would be better to hand wash them with a tooth brush and  cleaner but... like i said, i'm lazy. 
-let them dry completely. this will depend on what material your shoes are. mine are leather so it took about 2 days to dry completely. 
-get your supplies:
clean shoes
modge podge or some other adhesive
glitter (i used martha stewart because her glitter is more fine than most and she has so many colors to choose from)
paint brush
tape (optional)
funnel (optional)
something to put underneath your shoes to catch excess glitter
container to pour modge podge into
-if you wish to tape sections off, do this now.
-next, in small-ish sections paint the modge podge directly onto shoes.
-quickly sprinkle glitter on top of modge podge making sure to cover well. it's better to dump excess glitter than having too little.
-tilt shoe on it's side and tap excess glitter off onto paper or whatever you have underneath.
-repeat until all of the shoe is covered.
-remove tape
-if the shoe is glittery enough, then apply one final coat of modge podge to seal it all in. **it will look white/milky but as it dries it will dry clear so don't stress. once that is dry (about an hour or two) your shoes are done!!
-if your shoe is not glittery enough, then repeat the entire process again. this will make a thicker coat so it could peel/chip away faster but, it really does make them sparkle. 
-if you run out of glitter than take the paper underneath with the glitter on it, fold it in half and pour back into glitter container. using a funnel for this would be best. if not, just be careful and tap the paper slowly. 

 **this is the "milky" effect i was talking about. don't worry, it will dry clear.

i did two coats and i ended up using about 1/2 the martha stewart tube. if i would have done the entire shoe i'm sure i would have needed the entire tube of glitter.

my sister and i compared our glitter shoes, hers are store bought and mine are DIY. we had lots of fun at the arcade in our glitter shoes. you should have seen us doing dance dance revolution... we drew a crowd. no big deal. :)

(i'm sure it was the glitter on our dancin' feet that caught the crowds attention.)

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