Tuesday, October 18

School I.D.'s

the day i met my husband, during our very first conversation, sitting on my apartment couch, after he helped me carry boxes in from my car on moving day, we realized that we went to the same, elementary, jr high, and high school. as children we lived only a few blocks away from each other, but since he is 4 years older than me, we never met. a ton of his friends, were the older siblings of my friends, and our parents even knew the same people (when time came to send out wedding invitations, some families got one from my parents list of invites, as well as one from his.)

recently, when we were cleaning out boxes, getting ready for a yard sale, Garrison found these: 

we both kept all of our student i.d. cards from jr high and high school. granted, his are a little more beat up than mine, they are 4 years older, and were owned by a boy, who threw them around in the wash with his mud stained jeans, -vs- a girl who stored hers neatly in her wallet because that i.d. card finally gave her a reason to take her cute pink wallet to school.  

our daughters are having the best time playing with these, so we figured we'd better keep them safe via pictures on the internet so that when one of our girls inevitably uses one as scissor practice, we won't be totally devastated about our unique, cool-to-us, collection. 

here you go, our yearly school pictures in laminated wanna-be credit card form. do you think we would have had crushes on each other back then? we happen to think it's a damn good thing we didn't  meet back then cause i'm pretty sure we wouldn't have "clicked". who knows. maybe our daughters will be able to do this with their future husbands someday. do they even make id cards anymore? it's probably all electronic now, like with an app on your phone or something.

if it's any consolation, garrison say's he'd "hit on" the senior version of me. i said "well you better, that was only 2 years before we got married!"

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  1. This is awesome!!!! You know how much I love personal history documents!!!! You've made your mother so happy!