Saturday, September 15

My Sponsors

I would like to introduce a few of my new sponsors! I am very excited about their interest and support of my blog and cannot help but spread the love that I have for their businesses as well. as a future reference, the links to their shops will be found on the left hand side of my blog sidebar for your convenience so that you can check them out anytime! if you would like to become a sponsor, email me at keepupwithusjones{at}gmail{dot}com

Sass and Savvy Jewelry

I first found them when purchasing my bridesmaids gifts for my wedding. They have some of the most beautiful jewelry, most are antique in style and have tons of intriquite detail. There are pictures of my bridesmaids wearing their Sass and Savvy bracelets in this post. I love how expensive it all looks yet at a surprisingly affordable price, perfect for a gal like me. I have been lucky enough to meet the owner/designer of this shop in person and she is truly so nice. i'm so excited to be working with her! she has let me see the new additions to her shop that are coming soon! and boy, you should be excited! but in the meantime, these could be worn with anything. and these are the perfect color! Click here to view her Etsy Shop.

Smiling Tree Toys

This shop is all about keeping your little ones happy and healthy. They use organic materials to make their creative toys. They also give back by sponsoring the Peace Corps. I am obsessed with the look of these toys, the homemade feel, and raw materials which all help inspire kids creativity and develop motor skills. There are toys for anyone from little babies to preschoolers. and, they just came out with an entire new collection of halloween inspired teethers. click here to view their blog, here to follow their facebook page and here to view their Etsy Shop.

Bitsy Blossom

this shop makes the cutest little baby/toddler shoes out there. perfect for baby blessings, photo shoots or just to cover their tiny little feet for everyday. I love how they are so perfect and soft for babies yet they look like shoes i'd wear as an adult! as much as I love those cute crochet booties... they have no comparison to how adorable these shoes are. you have to take a look at these denim shoes! and as a bonus, they are giving Keep Up With Us Jones' readers a discount of 10% with the code "KUWUJ10" to view their entire shop click here.

Soo Shaby Chic

this girl who just happens to live across the lake from me, is super talented and this shop could be a one stop shop for any baby accessories you might need. they have almost 300 different items and really work hard to please. their customer service is awesome and they have anything you would need from bronco themed car seat covers to hand-crochet hats and beanies. plus, practically everything can be custom ordered. to check out her shop click here.

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  1. What a great collection of shops - thanks for including Smiling Tree Toys!!