Tuesday, October 9


a few weeks ago this whole blogging thing got pretty serious. i was getting sponsors. i have my very first sponsor giveaway coming soon and honestly, doing a post everyday was starting to seem very daunting with all of the other things i have going on. well, because of that, doing tutorials for every project i started and finished made me frustrated, and for some selfish reason or another i started thinking... "well, maybe i don't want to share with the world how to make this or that, maybe i just want to do a project without dissecting every little thing i do and pausing to take pictures of it all." so... i decided i just needed to take a little blogging break. i wanted to focus on doing projects and crafts because i love them not to fill my daily quota, i wanted to focus on my family; Garrison who just had his 26th birthday and Bayli who just turned 6 months old. somehow they both just grew up on me. my work at the salon was continuing to be busy and i wanted some me time. i wanted to take a break so that i could see just how much i needed/missed my little blog.

well, i'm happy to report that i did in fact miss my little blog. i missed receiving your comments in my inbox, i missed expressing how i was feeling or what i was doing, i felt much less productive without blogging, and honestly, i was less productive. i took less pictures, went to less activities, and worked on less projects. every time i looked at or used my laptop, it felt like a journal that was just waiting for my next entry. so... i'm back. I've got some awesome ideas up my sleeve (or at least i think they are awesome) and now, i am even more excited to share it all with the rest of you. i can't guarantee a daily post, but i can guarantee that i will stay more optimistic about it all, through the thick and the thin, the nice and the mean comments, i will be true to myself, and keep my priorities straight. i will blog about what i want and not about what someone tells me to. this is my journal, my life, i've missed sharing it, and i hope you have missed it too.

thanks for continuing to "keep up with us Jones'".

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  1. I have missed it! I really enjoy your blog. The way you write is very real.