Monday, October 29

she is her fathers daughter

this is one of my favorite pictures ever. it was taken the same day that we went to the farmers market about a week ago. i love this picture because i think it displays their relationship so well. we took an almost identical picture back when she was only a few months old in this post and really, i fear for the day when her legs won't fit inside the steering wheel anymore because garrison will probably continue to try and place her like this until she's 20 if he could. and no worries, just to clear the air now. we obviously don't do this with her while driving or while the car is running. 

i am so grateful for garrison for being such a good father to our daughter. although he has his quirks, like pretending to eat her because he loves her so much, his silly songs, or placing her in the steering wheel just because he thinks she likes the view. they have such a good relationship already and i am so excited to see the relationship continue to grow. 

when she was first born everybody and their monkey's uncle told me that she looked exactly like garrison. and then, as she grew and got a little more fat on that tiny little skinny body of hers, the views of everyone started changing and she started looking more and more like me. but, now... i don't know if it's because she is thinning out again as she gets more mobile but somehow she's starting to look like a perfect little mix of the two of us. even in this picture, they look very similar. 

i am enjoying so much to just sit back and watch the two of them together. seriously, having a baby with this man was the best thing that ever happened to me.