Tuesday, November 13

what's this white stuff?

in this post, i included a link to a video of Bayli watching the snow fall for the first time. she had the most pleasant and genuine smile while watching it that i just had to go and take her out to play in it. all she really wanted to do was eat it but, hopefully as she gets older that will change. she loved it so much though, it was really sad to take her in the house thinking she would welcome the warmth, only to have her cry and just want to sit by the window and watch it some more. too bad she's still too small for hot cocoa because, then i'm sure she would have enjoyed coming in from the cold as much as i did.
if you remember this post just a little while ago, then add a few more inches of snow and this picture starts to show you just how much it's snowed here lately.
i guess since she loves it so much this means that we need to get her some better snow clothes. it's obvious she is her fathers daughter because a girl like me enjoys winter only for the warm fires, knitted hats, and good food. but, unlike me, i'm pretty sure if she could reach, she would be out shoveling the walks and scraping the snow off the car in a heartbeat just so that she could be out in the snow trying to catch the snowflakes with her tongue.

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