Thursday, November 22


Photobucket it's so awesome that we as a country can devote an entire day just be thankful for the things we have. and i would just like to publicly share my gratitude for a few overlooked things in life, if you want to know what some of the biggest things i'm grateful for, then read my post from last year. but this year, i'm trying to focus on being more grateful for the smaller things.

being able to learn a new skill (today, i'm attempting crochet)
reading: both bedtime stories and novels
my dog. we pray that he will be able to last until next thanksgiving as well
my husbands power tools and the joy he gets while using them
my calling to teach the 13, 14, and 15 year olds in sunday school.
that we are both done with school
crawling babies
infinity scarves
wearing high heels while carrying a car seat in the snow
my food processor. baby food is easy peasy with that thing
seeing your loved ones go through break ups, it makes me realize how lucky i am.
the joy you feel when said loved ones also meet the person who will make them "the luckiest"
when you watch modern family and realize, they could have gotten the exact same footage from your house.
bayli's bathtime
no shave november
chunky baby thighs
and.... this blog

i'm so happy this year for so many reasons! hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

p.s.... the winner of the giveaway is..... Meghan B from Iowa! send me an email at and we will get it shipped to you asap

This hat is adorable! I'm sure my husband would kill me if I put our son it this but, my best friend is having a girl in just a few week and I know she would love this set!

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