Tuesday, December 11

Vacation Central

so... this past month has been crazzzy. we had a trip to st george, thanksgiving, a trip to vegas and finally yesterday we finished our biggest trip to california. for all of these trips we took our 8 month old daughter with us so as you can imagine, it was both hectic and our schedules are a bit whacked. but... we are so happy to have gone on so many vacations, and we are happy to be home and Bayli is happy to be out of her car seat. this week my biggest challenge is getting Bayli back onto her old schedule.  she also has finally mastered crawling and honestly, taking time to write is getting more and more difficult. but... we have so many fun stories to share that i will be working on those during the week. for now, take a look at one of my favorite candid shots of me and Bayli from this weekend while we were up in Mammoth, California. hope you have a great Tuesday!!


  1. I'm going through withdrawals...it's been too long since we've hung out. Incidentally, you look beautiful.

  2. PLEASE post details about the Grand Marshalls of the Parade!!!!