Thursday, January 31

"splish splash and your taking a bath"

we literally sing this song to Bayli every night as she splashes us with as much enthusiasm as her little 10 month old body can muster. it's absolutely adorable.
bath time is our favorite time, but, as she gets older, it's even more cute. and... wet.

as she grows, it's little things like this that make me realize that the moments where i can sit and splash with the entire family all together are going to disappear before i know it. soon, the fact that she is naked in a tub will be embarrassing to her. and mom, especially dad, can't see her like that. but instead, at this age. she is completely in love with both us, no matter how much clothing she has on.

moments like this are moments where instead of worrying about what errands i still have to run, or if the bath tub is clean enough for her to be drinking the water, how wet our clothes are getting or if we are still on schedule with her bedtime. i completely forget about all of those things and instead just focus on her gummy smile, and chubby rolls, and the gleam in her fathers eye because of all the love he has looking down at his daughter, that or the "gleam" could be from the water splashing into his eye. regardless, there is lots and lots of love in that little echoing bathroom. the squeals of her laughter and screams bouncing off the walls.

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  1. This made me sigh and then laugh out loud! Garrison you are such a good dad, and Valeri an awesome mom. Love you all!