Tuesday, March 26

Party Time

that party that we "may or may not have gone overboard on" happened sunday and it was so fun! we had so many people come! at one point we had every single square foot of my parents house covered with warm bodies eating cake and smiling. all 3 cakes i made were disappearing so fast i thought i might not have made enough.
 i am so grateful for all of our friends and family that came! we all know that she isn't going to remember this, but, the support and love garrison and i felt was overwhelming. even though we had to change bayli's clothes 3 times because of all the cake, it was a blast! not only did we have bayli's party to plan for and enjoy, but about 30 minutes after bayli's last guest left, we started a whole different party as my baby sister came home from her vacation to st. george where she got ENGAGED!!!

so, as a recap, congratulations bayli, for making it through your first year. you are one very loved and very blessed little girl. and you walking around with that stroller, stinking cute. 

and congratulations stef, you and adam are so cute together it's gonna be weird to call you "stefani ott" but, the best part of this new last name of yours is definitely the catch phrase dad came up with that you are now miss "ott-to-be" haha!!

lots of happiness in my house last night. 
it. was. fun.


  1. looks like a fun party! wish we would've known about it! she's so cute!

  2. Wish we had been able to come but then again, we may not have fit in the house! Happy birthday to beautiful Bayli!