Thursday, January 2

New Year's Resolutions

last year i would describe as my year of "discovery".
i discovered new talents that i did not realize i had.
i discovered new wants and wishes for my life that i never knew i wanted.
i discovered new friends that i did not know i needed.
i discovered little things about my husband that i did not know existed.
i discovered a little girl's personality i did not know i could help create.
i discovered what it feels like to be trusted by the lord with more than i thought i could handle.
i discovered a voice i didn't know i could use.
i discovered a new me i didn't know was there, waiting inside me all along.

the issue about having a year of "discovery" is, now that i know these things. this year... i have to figure out what to do with this new knowledge. hopefully 2014 will be described as my year of implementing change.

which is why this year, for the first time, i am actually making "new years resolutions"

this year i plan to figure out how to turn one of my newfound talents into a small side business.
this year i plan to travel back east to figure out if it could ever be our home or not.
this year i plan to put more effort into those new friends because, weather i like it or not, those new friends are the ones that helped me discover these new attributes about myself. i need those friends.
this year i want to help my husband to discover new things about himself and implement change in his life as well, because it truly is such a wonderful feeling.
this year i want to spend enough quality time with my daughter to make sure that her developing personality continues to grow into something beautiful.
this year, with the trust the lord has given me, i will not disappoint. my counselors and i will make a difference in our ward's young women's lives.
this year i will use that new voice for good.
this year i will become that "new me" that i discovered. i will be determined, i will have more confidence, i will share my talents instead of hide them, i will be respected, and i will view myself as beautiful, always, no matter what i am wearing or how much make-up i have on, or what i think i look like in a picture. i will view myself in the way that my daughter views me. or at least the way i hope she views me. i will view myself in the way that i know my heavenly father views me.
Cheer's to new year's!!

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