Wednesday, February 19

Baby Diary: a letter to the future you.

i found this jewel, while going though my old posts today and decided it was worth sharing.

(Written on September 26th 2011)

Dear Baby:
    There are a lot of things that a mother wants to tell her kid. So I figure, why not start 3 months in the womb? Here are just a few things I want you to know about me, your dad, and your future life.

     If there is ever an argument in our house over who loves you more. Just know, we love you the same amount, just in different ways. (but, if it counts for something, i've loved you the longest.)
    Today, I caught myself dancing with my tummy hoping that you would sense the love I have holding you in my hands.
    You were an "oops", "accident" whatever else you want to call it. I won't deny it, we weren't planning on bringing you into the world just yet, but... that just proves that you are way more like your mom then you even know. no one else would make an entrance like that unless you were as impatient and dramatic as I am. :)
     Your going to think that "modern family" is for old people but it's really not that much older than you are so don't hate me and your father for loving it so much, you may in fact just have to cry for a minute while we laugh our eyes out.
    Your dad will always provide for you. provide someone to laugh at. provide the food you spray all over our kitchen, provide the hugs and kisses before you go to bed at night. provide the happy attitude you see in mommy because he just loves her so much. provide the discipline that will make you a happier person in the end, and most of all, provide a constant and reliable friend and companion like he has for me, and like his dad has provided for him.
     You are always allowed to stain daddy's shirts and clothes with your spit up. not.
     you better be a cuddly monkey because im pretty sure with all our friends and family that already love you, you will never have to be put down.
    if you ever want to know why we raised you like we did, go ahead and read babywise and see if it doesn't convince you too!
    you will have over a thousand pictures taken of you before you are a week old. im almost positive of that, just get used to it. and smile big for mommy!
    im sure your dad will have about as many nicknames for you as he does for me. just say hello and give him hugs and no matter what he calls you, you'll be ok. promise. if it sounds bad, it's not. i've been through "chugga", you can get through anything.
    wear your seatbelt always. always.
    I WILL cry on your first day of school, just expect it.
   there are rules for certain places, no yelling in church, no screaming in the library, no temper tantrums in front of people im trying to impress, no running at grandma's, no leaving grandpa's without a hug, and no going to bed without brushing your teeth. these are just the basics, you'll learn more along the way.
    i would appreciate it a ton if you would make your birthday as easy for me as possible. the faster you come the better. just be easy on me. im scared.
    you are the oldest kid, which means that you will probably have it the hardest, just appreciate the person it makes you. and your allowed to call your younger siblings spoiled. i did.
    you will have your own lullaby. don't be jealous if you like someone elses more than yours. someday, they will be just as jealous of yours.
    im sorry, if landon ever becomes a "girl name". we tried our hardest to pick a manly one. and if your a girl, Bayli Grey is my favorite. don't diss.


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