Wednesday, February 26

Cahoots Giveaway!

If you live in the orem/provo area, and are a mom, or just someone looking for a judgement free, fun, workout this post is for you! i just recently have been given the opportunity to both attend, and host this giveaway for a 1 month free family membership to the coolest gym idea i've heard of in a loooonnng while.

"Cahoots" is located inside the "studio 1" dance studio on center street in orem, right by the freeway. and the 1 hour classes are held at 9:15/9:30 in the morning. monday through friday, the concept is this:

mom does a workout class downstairs, while your kids are upstairs doing their own class, like, dance and movement, yoga, etc. but tailored for children. my daughter is almost two and she loved it! and i loved that while i was working out, i had no sense of guilt for just dropping my kid off with 40 other children in the gym nursery like i do at other gyms. letting her watch tv, or just sit and stare in awe at the other kids energy. which is what had usually happened. instead at Cahoots she was getting a work out as well! and for the moms whose kids aren't walking yet, you can leave them in the back of the class in their carseats, and go and help/feed them whenever they need at no extra cost.

i loved how well my daughter slept after our experience at cahoots. she obviously had been running around using up all her energy because even though later that day we were visiting at a friends house, she still napped there for over two hours in a new place. which was a first for us.

not only did i have sooo much fun (and get so sore!), learning and exercising from all of the different types of classes, but i also knew that the other girls in the class were moms as well, similar age, similar weight issues, which created a judgement free experience. for this very reason i have had a really hard time finding a gym, until now. i have gone to golds gym before, but always come away feeling worse about myself because of comparing myself to the other more fit, beautiful people at the gym. then, i decided to go to the orem rec center, which was the opposite, i felt like a beauty queen in there, the youngest in the class, and even possibly the most fit, but... because the class was tapered to an older, less fit audience, i didn't feel like i was getting a work out, i had been going to zumba there for months without ever really feeling sore or seeing results. my heart rate went up, for sure, but i never really got that awesome/terrible i'm-so-sore-i-can't-even-laugh feeling...

at cahoots, the other members of the gym were so friendly, and we had so much in common. i already made friends after going the first time, which made me feel like they would miss me, and expected me to keep coming which is just the right encouragement this momma needs! and maybe you do too.

so... for the details of the giveaway, first, you must be a  follower of this blog, next, here's a link to their website, go and read the different types of classes they offer under the "fitness for mom's" tab and write in the comments of this post, the class that you are most excited to go to. (mine is the barre class... it kicked my but!) i will be randomly picking a winner and sending you an email, so make sure you leave your email in the comments as well. you, and your kids will receive one month free to cahoots! but, if you don't win, as a first time customer, your first class is free for you and your child so you can go and check it out and see how you like it! i encourage everyone to do at least this! here's a link to their facebook if you want to like their page to stay updated on the different promotions they are having, etc.


  1. I've been wanting to try barre! My email is

  2. I have always wanted to try Zumba, but I feel like barre would be really great! I may just need to go again and again though because I also want to try strength training. This sounds like the greatest place! My email is rachel.eastland@gmail[dot]com

  3. Zumba has been my favorite so far. I have really loved Cahoots and would love to win!