Saturday, February 15

My Daily Make-up Routine

first i start with a clean face. i like to use aveeno's clear complexion cream cleanser as my face wash that i use whenever i shower, and daily i use neutrogena's makeup remover cleansing towelettes for my eye makeup, and neutrogena's alcohol-free toner on a cotton pad for my face makeup. being a mom, i don't have  the time to do a huge beauty removal routine in order to get in bed, i just want to crash, so these are super quick and easy for me.
to moisturize i use one pump of aveeno's clear complexion daily moisturizer, mixed with one pump of bare minerals prime time neutralizing primer. i use this lotion because it came with  my face cleanser and I've seen good results and enjoyed both, and i use this primer because it is tinted yellow so it helps with my uneven red splotchy-ness.
i forgot to mention that daily i apply a coat of LiLash eyelash serum when my face is clean to make my eyelashes grow. it works amazing, and i will be doing an entire post on that product soon.
before my moisturizer has dried completely i apply my foundation. i use bare minerals pressed powder in fairly light. i have been using bare minerals for about 5 years now and love it. just recently i was introduced to their pressed powders and i'm never going back. i like that they appear a bit lighter than the loose powder because i'm one extremely white girl. and i always felt like the same shade in the loose powder was just a bit too dark, but now i love it. for my acne spots, and under my eyes i just apply more layers of the foundation. but, if i really feel the need to cover them up seamlessly, then i use nyx's concealer in 01 porcelain. although i have heard amazing things about the bare minerals concealer and will probably be switching to that once my nyx runs out.
next i apply my bronzer for some contouring. i like to use the victoria's secret bronzer in gold crush. i feel like it is more brown than orange and so it gives a more natural look with my skin tone. i love that it is highly pigmented so i don't have to layer on the bronzer, this only works well if you have a great brush to apply it with though, so if you find that it doesn't blend well, or appears streaky, then invest in a good bronzing brush.
the blush i used today is a coral colored one by mac, technically called style (frost) but, on the days when i am rushing out the door i use a bare minerals blush called the confession to do both my bronzing and blush, it is a brownish-rose color and so i find that it will do both jobs well in a hurry.
finally i pencil in my brows with the e.l.f brow kit and an angled brush, then apply my eye shadow which changes daily but today i chose to use my mac woodwinked for all over the lid, and mac mulch for the crease. i always do some sort of highlighting below my eyebrows on my brow bone, and in the inner corners of my eye with a white/pink shimmer loose powder from the company "pur element" but it is extremely hard to find, and difficult to apply, and i am looking for a new one. i'd love your suggestions!
next is mascara on both upper and lower lashes. i use they're real by benefit. it's a new product to me and i have been using it because of so many people's suggestion and good reviews, but, i'm not 100% sold on that either. i think i might try lash domination by bare minerals next.
then lastly, i apply my lipstick or lip gloss. today i used bare minerals marvelous moxie lip gloss in maverick. i will be doing a more in depth post all about lips soon.
i try to stick within one company: if you didn't notice, i basically use bare minerals exclusively with only a few products of aveeno, mac, and neutrogena. i love that when you stick within one company, your skin rarely flares up and generally feels healthier. i know that during the company meetings they are trying to make sure that all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs are found within that one company. it's not like they say, "oh well, hopefully the customers are using that other company's product to get that vitamin" that's just stupid. so, unless i find something terrible about one specific product, (like the fact that i HATE loose powders for eyeshadow, so, i don't use bare minerals for that) then my first stop for something new is a counter/aisle i have shopped from before. i find that if your skin like's one product, they will probably like the rest. and same goes for the reverse: if you find that your skin doesn't react well to a product, then honestly, i would stay away from their entire line, and try something else.

*these photo's have not been edited, and the last two pictures were taken after a few hours of makeup wear. this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Val, you look so pretty in both the before and after! I love your posts- hope you're doing well.