Tuesday, April 15

Almost New York

a few weeks ago, i got the opportunity to use a family members "buddy passes" with jet blue, meaning that i could fly basically anywhere in the united states for a fraction of the cost, so... i planned a surprise overnight stay in NYC for garrison and i. the itinerary was perfect, every t was crossed, and there were dots above all of the i's. i was so excited to go to the Met museum, eat famous nyc bagels and pizza, feel small against the huge skyscrapers, and take the elevator ride to the top of the empire state building. but, as we watched general conference a week before we were supposed to go, i started second guessing myself thinking that maybe we should save our money for a "rainy day" instead. so, i talked with garrison, told him about the surprise, told him how cheap it would be, what we would be able to do while we were there, and reminded him that the buddy passes were expiring so we had to decide quickly.well... it was decided that we should save our pennies, and just be happy with the 5 day cruise we are going on in a few weeks instead of planning another big vacation this month.

obviously i was a little bummed, so we decided to come up with a cheaper option. we planned to still do all of the things we would have done in NYC, but instead, do them in our own city... SLC. so on thursday last week, he took work off, we decided to take Bayli to the new aquarium, we tried to find bagels, but ate jimmy johns instead, drove up to salt lake and walked around the sky scrapers, we toured the beehive house, and rode the elevator to the top of the tallest building in slc. that night before we went home, we stopped by Sottebello who has the #1 voted best pizza in salt lake. it was truly amazing. i've never eaten anything like it. our little girl fell asleep on the drive home and we all got to sleep in our own beds that night. and no jet lag!! it really was so fun. vacationing seems so amazing when you get to travel to new and exciting places, but its surprising how many tourist-y things we haven't done in our own hometown even though we have both lived here our entire lives. we are really excited to do a provo, and some other towns around utah valley "staycations" i guess it just goes to show, it really doesn't matter where you are, just who you're with in order to have a good time.


  1. I know this is SUCH a weird and random question, but what garments do you have that let you wear those shorts?! My legs are begging to wear something other than knee-lengths this summer! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

    1. Its not a weird question! I actually asked the same question to another blogger a few years ago. She's the one that told me that the cotton bottoms shrink after washing. I get the size 24 petite. And they stop about 1 1/2 inches above these shorts. But, like I said, I got them a few years ago, hopefully they haven't changed them.