Saturday, April 19


holiday's in general are much better when shared with family and friends, and this year is no exception. a few days before Easter we went and enjoyed a scavenger hunt with our friends and their little girl who is a few months younger than Bayli. it was held in a beautiful backyard and Bayli had so much fun. last year for Easter we did something very similar, and the year before that (2012) Bayli was a newborn and we spent the day dressing her up in tutu's taking pictures, the year before that (2011) we were newlyweds and were on our flight to greece when garrison pulls out a little basket filled with candy, and plastic eggs, and even that fake grass stuff. i was soooo amazed that he packed it all away for me, and surprised me on the plane! i really have the best husband.
im off track, Easter is self explanatory, so let's just get to the pictures.

anyway, she's getting old enough that these things are becoming soooo fun. i just love holidays, i might even put up a decoration or two. but, most likely not.

some fun Easter ideas/traditions include:
Easter egg nests made from no-bake cookies and filled with cadbury mini eggs
planting a jelly bean in the dirt. (or pot inside if you don't have a yard) and in the morning a lollypop will have grown.
and more here.

and now i'm off to go make a few dozen deviled eggs for the family dinner tomorrow night.

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