Thursday, November 6

Fledge Feet Fotographer

one of my dearest friends has started her own successful business, she is doing so well in fact that she's had to come up with some ways to lessen the load she has acquired from so much business. she and her mother came up with the design for the most awesome looking high top shoes for babies and toddlers. bayli got one of the first pairs and wore them to the ground. well, we were also the first to try out the new t-shirts that she has designed, i was lucky enough to be the photographer for bayli and her best friend eden: the beautiful blue eyed blonde who is also the daughter of the creator of the shoes, which lets you guess just how beautiful her momma is. :)

anyway, the shoot was so fun, and the t-shirts are so awesome and i just couldn't help but share some of the cute pictures!! if you'd like to purchase some t-shirts, shoes, or headbands for yourself, you can check them out on her website:

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