Friday, November 7

Bayli Moments

on sunday and monday this week for some reason i had my nice camera out and did my best to take some pictures of bayli in her "everyday" trying not to pose her or asking her to smile. she absolutely loves getting her picture taken with my phone, but i don't bring out my nice big camera often mostly because of the convenience of the phone. it's just always right there in my pocket ready to capture those moments. and also because i am afraid she will want "my turn?" and when i say "no" it will ruin the moment or something. but, i'm so grateful for these photos of my Bay and her genuine smiles and her true personality captured in much better quality. hopefully this was just the right amount of encouragement i needed to keep my DSLR ready and available more frequently.

on sunday we got all dressed up and i actually braided her hair! i am usually a fan of letting her loose curls fly free because who knows how long until she grows them out, and also because she likes it better that way anyway, but after watching me spend some time on my hair, she wanted something fancy done with her hair for church too, so she got her pigtails braided and a bow on the bottom to keep them together. although, the bow didn't last long. :) also, we were gifted that homemade skirt by an unknown person about a week ago, that cute little skirt was just hanging on our door with a homemade scarf to match when we came home one night. it is so nice and uplifting to be the recipient of random acts of kindness. it made our whole day, and bayli just loves that skirt, she asks to wear it to bed sometimes. if whoever gave it to us happens to be a reader of this blog, then thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. :)
i seriously didn't pose her for this one. can you believe it?? she looks so old! and who taught her that pose??? #glamgirl

on monday, we spent the day naked working on potty training. we have been working on getting her to go to the bathroom "like a big girl" for months now, we feel like we have tried every possible way of potty training, but she has a unique medical problem with her urethra which has caused us to wait and try to fix the problem naturally, over time. i am trying my hardest to be patient but goodness i really hate diapers. it's crazy how many thousands of diapers one kid uses up in his/her lifetime. anyway, the solution that seems to be working for now is lots of naked time in the house or outside (but with the weather being so cold now, it's basically all indoor time for us) and getting praised highly whenever she successfully goes. she get's a "my little pony" each time she tells us before she needs to go. she's got quite the collection now. and she is so proud of each and every one of them. her little "potty ponies".

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