Tuesday, August 18

We're Moving: A Finished House Tour

We have always planned on acquiring rental properties as another source of income for us. Garrison is amazing at restoring homes, and doing the grunt work, I have an eye for good homes and can see their potential when we walk through them. So far it has been working out great for us, and we are excited about the new home we just bought. But... its a fixer upper and we will need to live in it under less than ideal conditions until we have saved up for the larger renovations. So... for now I am enjoying every minute of my beautiful, fully-restored home for the last few weeks that I have to live in it.

some of my favorite things about the house include:
-original hardwood floors and neutral gray paint through out entire home.
-huge baseboards
-the new octagon back-splash garrison put in for my birthday last year
-modern bathroom sink (a present from my parents for Christmas two years back)
-the inside of the kitchen cabinets are painted with chalkboard paint which we use for grocery lists, menu's and to-do-lists.
-unique kitchen "hanging shelving"
-my gas stove. Garrison had to switch it from electric to gas when we remodeled, which was no easy task. I've loved it everyday since.
-the dining room bench seat with storage underneath
-the bookshelf barn door that garrison built in the kids nursery just a few months ago
-the huge backyard with the twinkle lights and largest tree swing i've literally ever seen
-my bright yellow front door.
-large windows with lots of natural light.
-the large modern custom made house numbers.
-all of the huge mature trees on the property.
-so much storage! (we still had empty shelves and drawers until i started putting yard sale items in them a few weeks ago)

people have asked us why we are moving and they always assume it's because we have outgrown the space, but it is actually working for us still. we merely saw an opportunity to buy another investment property and decided to go for it.

some things i'm excited to have in our new house:
-an extra bedroom for guests, and all of the kids toys
-an attached garage that fits two cars! yay for not having to go outside at all on snow days!
-my own laundry room, instead of sharing one with the downstairs.
-central. air. conditioning.

Anyway... i'll be sure to post pictures of the new house as we start to remodel and decorate in future posts here on the blog. for now. here are some pictures of our beloved home that we are leaving in 2 short weeks.

if you want to see what the house looked like before the remodel. here is the link.

House... we will miss you. hopefully we find wonderful tenants that will treat you well. love, the Jones'


  1. Good Luck! I had a similar experience with my rental properties. It really helps to take the time and live in a place you will rent out to another family. There is more trust when you know and are honest about the difficulties and benefits to the location. Plus, you can always experiment! What doesn't work for your family might be perfect for your renters!

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

  2. What a cute home! It reminds me of our first home as a married couple. I hope you creat many, many special memories there.

  3. Wow! The renovations you made on the house make it look incredible! It's amazing what these "fixer upper" homes can turn into. It's wonderful you get to experience a house's transformation and (eventually) get to benefit financially from it. I can't wait to see what you do with the new place.