Thursday, July 7

I Made A YouTube Video!!!

Hey Guys!

I started a new YouTube channel!!!! my first video is all about how to properly apply products at the scalp (like dry shampoo, powders, and root lifters)

here's the link if you want to watch it! (but i suggest watching it here on the official site, it's better quality there.)

I have been working on this project for about 2 months now. i'm so excited to be able to start sharing it with you and getting your feedback!! but first, a little history about how this came to be: I had been trying to figure out a way to get my enthusiasm back up about this blog, and the other social media projects i've worked on in the past. i had so much fun and was doing very well at blogging regularly when i was writing about how to re-fashion clothes, but, now with two kids, my sewing machine gets used less and less.

on the other hand... one thing i am always talking about, doing, and teaching about is hair and makeup! i do it at the salon while i'm at work. i talk about it with my friends while our kids play together, i teach my family about hair and makeup during our family events. it's just always on my mind. but... i didn't want to become another "beauty blogger" because i did not want to have that stigma following me around, i'm usually not wearing makeup, have day 5 hair loaded up with dry shampoo, and am not the skinniest girl in the world. plus, there are a million girls out there already doing hair tutorials and beauty tips. but... doing hair tutorials is honestly only one very small part about the information i feel like i could share. and that's where i feel like i can stand out, and be unique in this over-saturated world of beauty bloggers.

i want to TEACH.

not just show you how to do something. TEACH.

so, teach about what you ask?

well, i sat down and wrote out over 70 different tips and tricks i've learned as a hairstylist. some super nerdy one's like why red dye molecules are the first to fade out, but the one's that don't fade seem to hold on to the hair strand for dear life when trying to bleach them out! (hint: it's because it's the largest color molecule) and other simple ones like how to braid your hair to make it so that strands from your layers don't stick out during the day. i basically made a list of all the things i talk to my clients about in the chair at the salon. questions they have, reasons behind what i'm doing, and more.

now i am ready to spill those secrets to all of you!

i initially wanted a resource that my clients could refer to when they have questions about their hair but don't have an appointment to ask me about it for months. a refresher course of sorts for salon quality hair in-between appointments. but as i started talking with my friends, co-workers, and other bloggers. i realized that this could be a huge asset for more than just my clients, but anyone's clients! so... there you go. that's the reason i started this new side of my blog.

i hope you'll support me in this endeavor by subscribing to my channel and maybe even sharing the youtube video i made on your facebook page if you feel like the tips i shared were helpful!

i'm also going to be posting here on the blog, sharing tips on my instagram more frequently, obviously snapchatting about the behind the scenes process, and even periscoping about it (my username on all of these sites is @valerijones if you want to follow) i really am so excited for all that's in store.

if you got to the end of reading this entire post. you deserve a cookie. seriously.

much love!!!
Valeri Jones


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