Friday, October 7

Favorite Find(s) Friday

It's been a HOT minute since i've written about a "favorite find friday" (which is a series i started about 4 years ago. haha!) but i have a few things i want to share and today just happens to be a friday so why not!?!

1.R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo this guy is a little pricey ($22.48) compared to my other favorite (Batiste which is usually around 7.00) BUT... after my friend said that it has lasted her for months and months i figured it was worth a shot. GUYS!!! no white cast. NONE. so, those of you that don't like that about batiste, or have dark hair need to get this! it smells amazing and works great and i will keep you updated about how long it really lasts!

2. this front door. i die.

3. we got this light for above our kitchen island and i'm in love! it's a statement piece without being overbearing. it's modern, and unique, and sleek and sexy and i'm just all heart eyes over here. plus, it's cheaper than most of the other options we were considering because you usually need more than one pendant light above an island, but this guy really long so it's all we needed for our larger than average island! pictures of it installed in our new kitchen soon to come!!

4. this tumbler has been my ever constant companion ever since my bff gave it to me for my birthday a few months ago. i have some Stainless Steel Drinking Straws coming in the mail because im a sucker for things that match, and you know... it will look cute. haha! i only use mine for water, but it keeps the ice all day long so i bet it would be great for sodas or smoothies. hot chocolate, or coffee. you know. anything.

5. this beautiful unique abstract painting that i wish was in my house right this second.

6. our about page for the blog. cause, i worked so hard on it, and it's finally updated and seriously i think it's cute and funny, and worth writing here on this list so you all know about it. :)

you wanna know what's NOT my favorite... picking out a back splash for our kitchen. it's the next step in our remodel and i cannot pick out what i want for the life of me. i want something that would fit in our mid-century modern kitchen, but i also want it to be unique, and sorta quirky, and inexpensive, and basically i have made too many decisions so far through this process that my brain has decided to quit on me now that we are almost done. any suggestions or ideas in the comments box below would be much appreciated.

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