Monday, December 19

moving: the prequel.

it all started in august when we found out we were pregnant, the first thing we realized was that we did not have enough room for a baby in our tiny one bedroom basement apartment. we also knew that our contract was up at the end of December and that we had some time to figure things out.

we then told our family we were pregnant.

they then told us that they had a house for us.

(nice trade dontcha think)

i think because it all worked out so perfectly and with perfect timing we just took this as a sign of gods will and a present for us.


this house has been a mess.

my parents have a house down by geneva road in orem that they got about a year ago when someone they were helping out defaulted on their payments, and... my parents got the house. they didn't really want it, but they got it. they then did the rough fix up's it needed (like patchwork siding so there weren't holes in the front of the house and sawing off our old porch and nailing it to the back of the geneva house so that it would fit "code") -are you starting to picture how old and ghetto this house is?- this house consists of two apartments. an upstairs with two bedrooms, and a downstairs with three little tiny bedrooms. there is an entire acre of backyard space, but no sprinklers. weeds that are over 6 feet tall and trees that haven't been trimmed/pruned.... ever. needless to say, it's "that one ugly house that hasn't been taken care of on the street." i'm sure the neighbors hate it. it's in garrison's old home stake and he knows quite a few of the neighbors. so when they find out we live there the neighbors will instead just hate us. we luckily are crafty and handy people that can fix and paint and saw and clean and water and prune and fix up the thing. -with lots and lots of hours of work- but, we knew all this when my parents first mentioned that they had a house for us. the "mess" was what happened after....

there has been a family living in the upstairs apartment of the house for the past year. they were already living there when my parents got the house. so... my parents have just been collecting rent and fixing things that needed to be fixed randomly. they haven't ever really seen or walked through the apartment. so, we have no idea what the inside is gonna be like. but, there's this family living there, we will call them the Johnsons. and here's their story:

the Johnsons have been living in this run down apartment for over a year, saving up for the new house they wanted in the complex that was being built somewhere down on geneva road in provo only a few miles away. finally, in the summer, the perfect house comes up for sale and they are interested. they let their landlords (my parents) know that they will be moving out early. they say the house will close on november 1st and they will be moved out by the end of november. this is when garr and i tell my parents that we are pregnant and they think that this is just perfect timing! and that we can move in when the johnsons move out. dealio. november 1st rolls around and the landlords give them a call and they say, "it didn't close. it's going to close on december 1st. we will be out of the house for sure by dec 15th" this is when garrison and i start freaking out a little. december 15th is cutting it close. we have to be out of our apartment by dec 31st and we need time to fix this house up before we move in. not an ideal situation but, it could still work out. december 1st is here and they call again, again they say "it didn't close. it's going to close by dec 15th" now we are really worried. we have already sold our apartment! and we are going to be homeless. aaaaaahhhhh!!! i guess we could move in, only unpack the necessities and work on it a room at a time. hopefully all the lead paint and sawdust doesn't kill the baby. on december 15th when my parents call what do you think they said? "it didn't close. it's going to close on christmas" What The Farfagnugen! who closes a house on christmas??? who's even at work on christmas?! why isn't this house closing?!?! can we evict you??? -their contract lasts until June technically so... not really.- basically. this has been my life lately.
waiting to move into my parents dirty old house.
in the middle of the winter.
while i'm 7 months pregnant
we haven't even seen the inside yet, who knows how much work it's going to take.
we have a very high likelihood of being homeless for the new year.
"homeless, homeless like the christ child was"
it might be nice actually. homes are drama.
the end.

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