Monday, January 9

Baby Diary: milestones

some of the "pregnancy milestones" you go through seem like the biggest deal to you, but they are not that big of a deal to basically everyone else. but. because they are such a big deal to me, and this is my blog, i'm gonna do an entire post about them just so they get the attention i feel they deserve. :)

found out we were pregnant: 7 weeks
first saw the baby via ultrasound: 9 weeks
heard her heartbeat for the first time: 9 weeks
threw up: never (knock on wood)
first felt the baby move: 18 weeks
called the doctors office "just to make sure": 18 weeks
started lactating: 18 weeks
had my first craving: 18 weeks
realized that it wasn't a weird vein, and that yep it was in fact a stretch mark: 19 weeks
bought our first baby item: 19 weeks
hit the halfway point: 20 weeks
found out her gender: 24 weeks
felt her hiccups: 24 weeks
hitting the viability point: 24 weeks
had someone assume i miscarried because i wasn't showing yet: 25 weeks. (not really a milestone)
wore maternity clothes for the first time: 25 weeks
heard her heartbeat via stethoscope in our own home: 25 weeks
had someone recognize me as pregnant instead of just fat: 26 weeks

some of the milestones yet to come: (will be filled in later to keep record)

gained ten pounds: 28 weeks
had a stranger touch my belly:
realized that if the baby was born today it would most likely be totally healthy:33 weeks
had my first contraction/braxton hick:29 weeks
wanted the baby out of me more than i wanted it in me:35 weeks
had that super dramatic phone call to garrison where he rushes home from work thinking "it's baby time" the entire way and breaks at least 2 traffic rules: 29 weeks (luckily it was a false alarm)
gained twenty pounds:
went to the hospital:29 weeks
delivered the baby!:

you wanna know what?! this whole pregnancy has gone by SOO fast! i can't believe that her due date is only 3 months away!!! hello 3rd trimester, boy am i nervous to meet you.


  1. Love everything about this! Well except it depends on who the stranger who touches your belly is. hahah

    But you did forget to mention the first time she made her Grandpa Vance cry. That is a day I will never forget. :-)

  2. Wow I can't believe you are already in your 3rd! Congrats.

  3. Yeah, what random stranger do I need to punch?