Thursday, February 9

As of lately...

If you were to take a peek into our daily lives you will most likely find garrison and I working together on one of our 42 home improvement projects that we want to finish before the baby gets here. Unless that specific project creates fumes, then Valeri gets banished from helping and instead sorts through another box of "random", does the dishes, laundry or eats. Usually running back into the toxic filled room every few minutes with her shirt pulled up over her growing belly asking garrison if he "saw that one!" In which case, he usually says no, things stop for a minute while we wait and stare at my belly until our little kickers moves again. Sometimes its like a twitch, others its like doing a wave from side to side or up and down, and every once in a while, its like a firework. Explosions everywhere. (when Those happen I usually look around expectantly staring at the people around me waiting for them to freak out as much as I am... Come on people! Didn't you see the bomb go off??)
If your wondering what baxters doing hes usually in the room with us in one of his designated spots (hes already claimed them. Its like he was a little kid running into a new home picking out which bedroom he wants, except instead of bedrooms, baxter got one little spot in every room.) Eating his new dog food that he loves so much. Starting out the front room window -there are lots more cars and people that travel on our new road than the cul-de-sac he used to live on. Which he loves- playing with his new toys (thank you "johnsons" for leaving so much random stuff in the house when you moved out, hope you dont mind my dog loving it so much) taking a nap or... Playing outside on his new 40 ft dog run. Besides having to check his feet everytime he comes back inside the house for stickers, glass, dog or cat crap that he stepped in, etc. He loves it, he can go taunt the horse next door, chase cats and birds, or just smell allllll the trash that we have yet to sort through.
Of course sadly, garrison and I still have to work and that takes up most of our time during the day but, basically this is life as we know it right now. We still try to fit in time with family and friends, activities with our new ward, time for my ever increasing doctors appointments, and time for each other. But, with a list that big, I have a feeling life will be like this until... Baby day!
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