Friday, March 16

Baby Shower #1

as I mentioned in this post. a huge thank you to my sisters Stefani and Debbie for throwing this beautiful shower for me. i love you. it was such a fun event! here are a few pictures proving just how fun it was. :) and thank you for everyone who came and the gifts you gave. i cannot believe how spoiled this little girl is already and she isn't even here yet! your gifts and advice you gave will be put to good use!
my beloved sisters Stefani and Debbie, thanks for all the hard work you both did to put this together!

can you see the belly button dimple?

no, we didn't plan the same silly face, pregnant minds think alike i guess.
opening presents
all three of us are due within a month from each other!


  1. LOVE the monkey hat and the flower patterned blouse on the right! cute!!

  2. That really was a fun day. Stefani & Debbie did a great job. The cake was so cute, the food delicious and it was so fun to catch up with wonderful friends. Also I totally agree that Bayli is already spoiled, I can't imagine how spoiled she will be once she actually gets here. Every time I enter a store I see something I want to get her...but I am practicing self control. :-)