Wednesday, March 21

No, I am not a drug addict

But... It sure looks like it! Goodness, I thought when you got pregnant you stopped taking drugs, not started them! Haha. I now include 6 pills in my daily morning ritual. 6! In case anyone is wondering I will let you all know what they are. (mostly So that no one breaks into my house due to this post hoping to get some good stuff and only finding herbal supplements.)
1. Prenatal vitamin. No brainer here. I take this because its basically a necessity. Im also loving the benefits of long nails and thicker shiny hair.
2.evening primrose oil. I only recently started taking this to help with softening my cervix so that hopefully I have a faster, less painful labor. It also is supposed to help with balancing hormones after labor as well, if it works ill let you know!
3. Levothyroxen. My good ol' thyroid pill ive been taking for years. It does what my thyroid should be doing but, my thyroid is lame and won't do it on its own. Thank you pigs for giving me your hormones so that I can have a normal life.
4. Calcium! Ive always had weak bones and teeth. Probably because I dont like milk and eat poorly but, this supplement was recommended for pregnancy as well so... Yeah.
5. Vitamin d. My mom gave it to me, I do what my mother says. Its a commandment you know...
6. Stool softeners. I am nervous about this one, I started taking it today because the nurse from my labor and delivery class reccomended taking them daily about 3 weeks before your due date so that after delivering your baby you dont have to "deliver its ugly cousin" a few days later. I also dont know if this is going to help but, ill let you know if it does. I also keep them on hand because I hear stool softeners or laxatives can induce labor if it really gets to that point where I'm really willing to put myself through that. (a Very funny scene from dumb and dumber just came to mind) but, I know the nurses/doctors hate it when you take laxatives or castor oil because you leave a rather embarrassing and rather large mess for them to clean up. Haha!
Hopefully all these pills do what they are supposed to and make my life a little easier during the next month or two. If anyone knows of any other pills I should be taking or reasons I should stop taking some that I've mentioned. Feel free to warn me!
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