Wednesday, May 23

Bragging Rights

today i had a day off from work and so i decided to "kick the day in the face" as garrison says. today i... made puff pancakes for breakfast, returned stuff to toys r us, bought stuff at babies r us, got my ring cleaned and re-dipped, dropped off dry cleaning, exchanged clothes at target, visited dad at work, got dad his father's day present and had it wrapped, visited grandma at her work, went grocery shopping, filled up the car with gas, returned stuff to forever 21, bought some sandals at old navy, washed the car, bought material to make stef a maxi skirt from joanns, sewed. visited Seth who just returned home from his mission, and all the while doing it while lugging around my little B in her carseat. (blisters may or may not have formed)

yes. today i feel like supermom.

thank you Garr for being a superdad and making dinner for us while we passed out from our exhausting day.

p.s. nursing in a car and in public bathrooms should have also been included in the list but... im not so proud of those so, sorry for sharing but how about you and i both try and remove those images from our brains. remember the butter and powdered sugar coated puff pancakes instead. 

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  1. Go you! Seriously that is one thing that worries me about having a baby (one day..) ...I am such a go go goer and love getting things done and even just going out or a visit to my Mom's or whatever is fun for me. And you are showing me that you can do it with your baby too! I just know a lot of new moms who just sit at home all day.